The Quick Qs

Are Careberry products kind to Mother Earth? 🌍 Absolutely! At Careberry, we are all about “Living Clean, Glowing Green”. Each product is crafted with love and respect for the planet. Our suppliers share our eco-conscious values, ensuring that what we take from the earth is done sustainably.

Will Careberry products vibe with my color-treated tresses? 🌈 Yes, indeed! Careberry's gentle, natural formulas are not only color-safe but also aim to enhance and protect your hair’s vibrant hues. Perfect for those rocking color or keratin treatments.

Why aren’t my suds sudsy? 🧼 Sulphates and silicones are the usual suspects for that frothy lather, but they're on our no-fly list. Careberry shampoos create a rich, creamy lather that cleanses effectively without the harsh chemicals. Remember, it's not about the bubbles—it’s about the cleanse.

Feeling a bit parched after using Careberry? 💧 Switching to natural from synthetic-heavy hair products might take your locks through a detox phase. Allow a grace period of 1-2 weeks for your hair to adjust to the goodness of nature. Need a nudge in the right direction? Our Hair Care Concierge is at your service.

Where can I snag some Careberry magic? 🌿🛍️ We’re global! For eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts around the world, simply get in touch with us for international shipping details, and we’ll ensure Careberry's clean, green goodness lands in your hands. In India, indulge in our full range by visiting No matter your location, we’re committed to delivering our plant-powered care right to your doorstep.

Got order status FOMO? 📦 We've got you! Post-purchase, we'll keep your inbox happy with updates, or you can check your order’s status on our website under “My Account”.

Payment got you puzzled? 💳 If your payment went through, you’ll hear the good news from us via email. You can also check your order status online for peace of mind.

Minimum purchase? Nope, not here! 🚫 Shop to your heart's content—no minimum spend necessary.

Want to tweak your order? 🔄 From cancellations to returns, our Returns and Refund Policy is your go-to guide for all the deets on how to make those changes.

Keen on the deets for delivery? 🚚 Pop your items in the cart, hit "Checkout", enter your pin code, and all the shipping options, costs, and times will magically appear.

Order says “Delivered” but it's playing hide and seek? 🔍 First, check with your neighbors or your building’s concierge. If it’s still MIA, buzz our customer care team within 48 hours, and we’ll launch a search party.

Not home for delivery? 🏠 Our carriers will attempt to deliver thrice. After that, it’s a return ticket to Careberry HQ and a refund to you.

Something look off with your delivery? 📬 Don’t sweat it—if the seal's broken, refuse the package and let our Customer Care know, or snap a pic and reach out if you’ve already accepted it.

Can I change my shipping address after ordering? ✏️ Contact our customer care stat! Depending on where it is in the shipping process, we might be able to make that switch for you.

How do I join the Careberry tribe online? 👥 Head over to “My Account” on our website to create your profile. Quick and easy!

Password amnesia? 🧠 Hit the “forgot password” button and check your email. We’ll get you back into your account in no time.

Payment methods, you ask? 💳💸 Choose your convenience for domestic bliss: Credit/Debit Card, Cash on Delivery (available in India only), or QR Code—it’s all secure. For our international Careberry family, transactions are seamless with Credit/Debit Card payments. We prioritize your security with every transaction, so shop with confidence, no matter where you are on the globe.

Two cards, one order—can do? 🚫 No can do, friend. One card per glam slam.

Shopping on mobile? 📱 Absolutely. Our website is mobile-friendly for shopping on the go.

Got feedback or a genius idea? 💡 Our Customer Care Team is all ears. Drop us a line.

Discounts and deals not behaving? 🤔 Promos have their quirks, like minimum spend. If you're stuck, our team will help you sort it out.

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Questions, concerns, or a high-five to give? ✋ Reach out to our Customer Care Team at (+91) 770 093 2626 or