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Section 1 – Get Glowin'! 🌟

Hey, glow-getter! You’ve just stepped into the Careberry universe. It's a place where you live clean and glow green. By vibing with our website, you’re saying "heck yes!" to these T&C's.

Section 2 - The Tea 🍵

Look, we're all about good vibes, but we gotta say - we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime. No hard feelings, right?

Section 3 – Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

By hitting up this site, you're confirming you're of legal age in your locale. Basically, you're adult enough to know what’s good for your skin.

Section 4 - No FOMO on Returns 🔄

Changed your mind? No sweat! You've got a chill 7 days to cancel your order, no strings attached.

Section 5 - Fast & Fresh 📦

We’re all about that next-level service. Our shipping page has all the deets for getting your eco-faves delivered in a jiffy.

Section 6 - Keep it 100 🔒

Guard those account deets like they’re skincare secrets. You're the captain of your Careberry account, so steer wisely!

Section 7 - All Are Welcome 🤗

Inclusivity's the name, accessibility’s the game. If you’ve got an issue, let’s talk. We're here to help.

Section 8 - The Unpredictables 🌩️

Life happens. Neither of us can control that. Delays or mess-ups due to things outta our control? We're not holding grudges.

Section 9 - Subscription Swag 🎁

Wanna be a Careberry VIP? Subscriptions are your golden ticket, but remember, it's a recurring gig. Need a break? You can cancel anytime.

Section 10 - The Glow-Up Deals 🎉

Got a coupon? Yay you! Just remember, it’s a one-per-customer kinda deal, unless we say otherwise.

Section 11 - Keep It Real, Keep It Safe 🌿

We infuse our products with Ayurvedic goodness and love, but nobody’s perfect. Always double-check if you’re unsure.

Section 12 - Patch Test FTW 🚑

First-timers, listen up! Patch test our products to make sure we're skin-compatible.

Section 13 - Global Glow 🌍

Hey international fam! Make sure you're on point with your local laws. We wanna keep the good vibes flowing worldwide.

Section 14 – Got Our Back? We Got Yours 🛡️

Be cool and don’t bring any third-party drama our way, and we'll do our best to shield you too.

Section 15 – Let’s Keep What Works 🤓

If one clause here isn't cool by law, the rest still stand. We're about that adaptability.

Section 16 – Peace Out, But Not Forever ✌️

Endings are just new beginnings. This agreement can terminate, but our mutual obligations will stay alive.

Section 17 - The Whole Shebang 📜

This is the full 411 between you and Careberry. Consider it our pact in the journey to cleaner, greener beauty.

Section 18 - Legal Locale 🏛️

We're rooted in India, so that's the legal playground we're operating in.

Section 19 - Stay Tuned 📻

Heads up, glow-getters! We might switch things up here, so keep those peepers peeled for updates.

Section 20 - Private & Protected 🛡️

Your secrets are safe with us, just like your skin. We follow GDPR like it's our skincare routine.

Section 21 - Holler at Us 📞

Got questions? Slide into our inbox at or give us a ring at +91 770-093-2626.